•                      05.09.2022 -The first class
                   in the new school year 2022/2023
                                 Let's dance!
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The program includes:

- classical dance

- character dance

- stage dance

- acrobatics

- modern dance

- hip-hop

- rhythm/step

- gymnastics

- acting

Most of the paediatrician worldwide admits dances as one of the best physical activity for children. After all, we all know that a child who dances grows up healthy, happy and flexible.

Dances help children develop a respect for a discipline, perseverance, willingness to meet the goals and power of the spirit. It forms the personality, revealing the individuality and temperament.
Education of dance for children is more than helpful.

The systematic formation of classes gives for children:

- Proper posture;

- Harmony;

- Flexibility;

- Physical strength (builds muscles);

- Body Management;

- Resistance.

Dance develops:

- Coordination;

- Balance; 

- Elegance; 

- Self-confidence and self esteem;

- Musicality; 

- Fantasy;

- Love for a beauty, and creating it;

- Rises general culture and intelligence level.

With the help of special exercises and improvisation, we will help you discover and develop child's creativity
participation in competitions participation in festivals participation in various performances